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Jeanne Howell
Pianist and Instructor

Jeanne Howell was born and raised in southwest Houston. She began her study of piano at the age of five. After having her children, she went back to school to study music history, theory, performance and pedagogy. She and her husband, Bruce, met in chemistry class at Brigham Young University and were married in 1975. Bruce practiced dentistry in Missouri City, Texas for over 23 years and was also a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Texas Dental School. He was the editor of the Journal of the Greater Houston Dental Society for over 5 years and was also a contributing writer for various dental journals. After 25 years in Texas, choosing a less hot and humid life, The Howells packed up everything, moved to Colorado and have never looked back.

After practicing the Art and Science of Dentistry for over 40 years, Bruce recently retired, beginning a new chapter in his life. He and Jeanne enjoy working in the yard, playing Qwirkle and SkipBo, the snowy winters, hockey, BYU and Denver Broncos football (Jeanne prefers the KC Chiefs), cooking, funny sitcoms, serving in their church and enjoy just being here in Colorado. They have two grown children.

Michael, graduated with honors from BYU Law School in April 2007. After practicing Intellectual Property Law for many years, he has accepted a position as Assistant In-House Counsel for a multi-million dollar international technology company. He is a mountain biking enthusiast, skier, and loves to talk politics. Mike and Janelle were married in June of 2008. She graduated with a master degree in Public Health and is working for a company conducting advanced genetic testing and research. She loves to read and they both love to play golf and to travel internationally.

Leslie, graduated from BYU with a degree in history and cultural anthropology. She is the manager of the recreational gymnastics gym, Bold, in Springville, Utah. She loves to ski, fish, play softball, and to do scrap booking and quilting. She is also a Gymnastics judge for meets and competitions. Leslie and Eric were married in July of 2008. Eric graduated with a BS in nursing. After being an ICU floor and Charge Nurse for years, he recently joined the Cardiac Cath Team at Utah Valley Hospital in Provo, Utah. He is a body builder enthusiast, a proud boat owner, a fisherman and also a skier/snowboarder. Charlotte was born in August of 2013 and is a precious girl. Grandma calls her MoonPie. She loves school and reading and also has a love of fishing, gymnastics, singing, dancing and of course, piano. Charlotte also loves to go birding with Grandma. Steele was born in August of 2016. He loves to fish, loves preK, dinosaurs, talking non-stop, riding his bike and doing other boy things. Grandma calls him Jelly Bean. Emery was born in June of 2020. She is a precious happy and self-confident toddler who adores her older siblings. She is Grandma's Twinkie.

 Charlotte at the piano.

Charlotte & Steele each caught a fish.

Sweet Emery

Jeanne is an avid bird watcher and loves hiking, fishing, quilting, gardening, cooking and being with her family which includes the cat. She also collects PEZ candy dispensers; currently the collection has over 1400 different dispensers. In Texas, she was a permitted wildlife rehabilitator, specializing in baby squirrels, but also cared for cottontails, song birds, ducks and an occasional opossum. She loves classical music and classic rock'n'roll. Her favorite composers to listen to are Ravel, Debussy and Rachmaninov, and her favorite to study are Bach, Mozart and Chopin. She really enjoys music history, composer biographies, musical instruments from other cultures and in the spring of 2008, began composing teaching pieces and finished writing her first Sonatina. She has been the organist at church for eons, she served as President of the Boulder Federated Music Club from 2014-2016 and has served on the State Board for the Colorado Federated Music Club from 2014-2021 as well as in various other capacities.