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Where music is in harmony with the student.

Online video lessons are still available. You will need to have a tablet, a cell phone or a laptop close to your piano. If your laptop or computer does not have a built in camera, you can easily add an external one (Best Buy or Walmart). We will arrange a date and time for the lesson then connect by video using Skype (Skype Mobile). Please download the free software below (free to use):

If you have an or a email account then you automatically have a Skype account. Otherwise start Skype and click or tap to create a new account. Use the Search function to locate me using my email address. At that point it will be very much like a regular phone call where one initiates the call and the other one answers. Be sure your microphone is not mutted and turn your video camera on. There are numerous site with directions on using Skype (here). Please do a test connection with me before our lesson time.

I have copies of some of our music but it would be very helpful for you to send me a copy of the music we will be working on before your lesson time. There are two options: You can take a picture of each page and text it to my cell phone or if you have a scanner, please scan the music to your computer as an Adobe PDF, then email me the documents. Let me know what you send me so I can have them printed and ready for our lesson.